Mexican Copper Bathtubs or Soaking In Style

For thousands of years copper has been present in the development of the major civilizations of the world. Even now copper is one of the most used metals in a great number of areas of our contemporary life.

The common uses of copper are wide and various, they go from the pipes in our kitchens and bathrooms to the wiring of the electric web across our cities and the country. But these are not the only places, not the only forms copper can be present in our lives. For many centuries, artisans of a small town in Mexico’s western mountains have made a living of making beautiful pieces of art from raw pieces of copper. These art pieces can take many forms; jars, flower pots, plates, sinks and yes; also beautiful handmade copper bathtubs.

These bathtubs are made entirely from a few raw copper plates which are previously softened with heat from a wood fire and then, once the proper softness has been reached, they are welded one onto each other to be then hammered until the desired copper tub shape is attained.

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Copper Bath Tubs

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